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I feel extremely lucky, extremely grateful, and a little bittersweet, too.

Wentworth Miller Daily
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Wentworth Miller Daily

Wentworth Miller Daily

Welcome to Wentworth Miller Daily a fan community dedicated to the talented actor Wentworth Miller. This community is a place to share your favourite Went photos and anything related to Went. A daily photo will be posted for our enjoyment and there will be weekly discussions and lots of other fun stuff. The community is members only so join if you want to see the entries. If you want to affiliate with us then just leave a comment so we can add you to the list. Please make yourself familiar with the rules and our tags before joining and posting :) If you got any questions feel free to pm reality_escapee or gemasarah.

Please tag your posts! It makes it easier to find the things we are looking for.
Don't come here to hate! That's just not cool.
When posting icons make sure that your preview contains pictures of only Went! Icon posts with no images of Went will be deleted.
When posting a fanfic please remember to rate your fic and make sure it's related to Wentworth and not one of the many characters he's played.
When you're posting a spoiler please use an lj-cut since there are people who are spoiler-free!


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